But What If I Can’t Vote in the First Place?

Republicans are pushing through voter ID and other laws intended to reduce voting among people of color and others more likely to vote Democratic. Democrats are fighting back for obvious reasons. But what if you can’t vote in the first place because you don’t have, for example, a voter ID?

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  • As if one could actually pull oneself up by their own bootstraps from within this system rigged to prevent this.

    Desperate people do desperate things ranging from taking jobs that will kill oneself or others, to becoming entrepreneurial criminals, both inside and outside of lawful injustice.

  • BrotherMartin
    July 24, 2021 12:10 PM

    The Democrats like portraying themselves as noble defenders of our civil rights on this issue, but the “For the People Act” contains provisions that would further hobble the efforts of new parties to gain momentum, by quintupling the amount of money they need to raise on their own before they can receive federal matching funds, (and entirely eliminating some federal help for small parties) and also a provision that raises the amount of money a national party can donate to a local race from $5K to $100M, thus making it much more difficult for insurgent outsiders to challenge the party’s chosen candidate. The quote in your cartoon should be “Vote Democratic and we’ll let everyone vote for the candidates we want them to vote for.”

    my source: https://www.gp.org/hr1

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