Big Raises – for the CEO

According to a study by UC Berkeley, 95% of income gains since 2009 went to the top 1%. Which makes one wonder: where is the incentive for the 99% to bust their asses working for the man?

6 thoughts on “Big Raises – for the CEO

  1. A VP for a company I worked for once gave his department, myself included, a pep talk on completing a project early so he could complete the sailboat he designed, in his office, using company resources, explaining that it would be, or should be, be an object of pride for us that he would display the proper accoutrements of a man in his position.

    He had to leave the meeting early because his landscaper would be at his home soon and he had to make sure that when they mowed the lawn this time the blades of grass did not have split ends.

    I decided that I would invest in a t-shirt that read, “My boss got a yacht and all I got was this stinking t-shirt,” fun guy that I am.

  2. Don’t worry — Occupy is going to change everything!!!

    “Hey Hey Ho Ho — that CEO pay has got to go!”

    Oh wait. We don’t even get those lame chants anymore. My bad.

    • Everybody agrees that the Occupy Wall Street movement was weak and ineffectual. But I don’t get the glee over the fact that it failed. Perhaps its failure was preordained, as many of us predicted, mostly because it refused to contemplate a diversity of tactics including violence against the state, or at least self-defense, but where’s the joy in that? America needs a vibrant left-wing opposition to right-wing oppression.

  3. «… where is the incentive for the 99% to bust their asses working for the man ?» In the good old days – which, of course, are gone forever and never were that good after all – one might receive a gold-plated pocket watch after fifty years of loyal service. Something to which to look forward for young people on a zero-hours contract….


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