Biden’s Diverse Cabinet

Joe Biden and the Democrats keep bragging that their new cabinet choices are exceptionally diverse and reflect the country and its demographics. But they’re leaving one thing out: ideological diversity. They are all exactly the same politically, without a single progressive in the room.

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  • alex_the_tired
    December 21, 2020 8:35 AM

    A particularly instructive breakdown of his cabinet would be to list three items after each person’s name:
    1. What/when was their biggest objective/subjective screwup?
    2. Is there any evidence that they learned from that screwup?
    3. Exactly how are they inappropriately connected to the economic power structure (e.g., is wife a Goldman Sachs attorney, is husband the owner of a hedge fund?)
    Not that, um, Biden is going to get these people. The Republicans have to swing their, uh, Senate majority.

  • The New and Improved Socially Diverse Kleptocracy.

  • They need a white Uncle Tom, a token anti-war straight married white male from a mostly rural state who could be convinced to mostly smile mutely and accept an appointment to some lessor position such as heading up the Post Office.

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