Last Supper

At the same time the Biden Administration sends another $60 billion to Israel to help it kill Palestinian civilians in Gaza, the US Air Force drops food aid into the beleaguered occupied territory. If you must die, don’t die hungry.

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  • alex_the_tired
    May 2, 2024 9:33 AM

    The Battle of Waterloo ran for about three weeks in the summer of 1815. I wonder if GOS (Good Ol’ Smilin’) Joe Biden realizes the events in Gaza are turning into his Waterloo (and he isn’t Blucher or Wellington). The cognitive dissonance is simply growing beyond the ability of the MSM to continue trying to wave it off in a Biden-friendly fashion.

    It’s like having to tell your boss he’s drunk and needs to go home. There are quicker ways to lose your job, but none as certain.

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