Bernie Sanders Gets Screwed Again

Bernie Sanders were supposed to win big in the Iowa caucus. Then the vote count got totally messed up by an app company owned by a bunch of Bernie Sanders’ political enemies. And then they wonder why progressives don’t trust corporate types?

6 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Gets Screwed Again

  1. Mr Sanders is experienced as a real threat to the establishment ; I can’t but be reminded of FDR’s words on being hated by what Mr Sander’s today calls «the billionaire class» and its minions :

    Never before in all our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me—and I welcome their hatred.


  2. Wait til Nevada. The reports are already coming in about how that’ll be a cluster eff as well. The dem leadership has reached its telos. The dems (meaning the whores and stooges of the end-stage capitalism who keep shoving Clinton-brand bs down our throats every election) can no longer run their game because a sufficient number of sheep have finally woken up. “Screwing up” the election results is the SOP. In the past, only those in charge saw how messed up the numbers were. Now, there’s a paper trail and a lot of suspicious people in Iowa (and the rest of the country) who realize how badly they’ve been gamed all these years.
    I fully expect Super Tuesday to be a complete mess, deliberately. Keep Sanders from winning the nomination honestly, appoint Buttigieg or Bloomberg or whoever is close enough (although it’s possible second place will be so far behind as to make that impossible) and expect the idiots to fall in line behind the party and its diktats.
    Sanders’ people will never do it. And who can blame them.

  3. The Democratic party is controlled by the Clintonbots & Obamabots who figure they were the two greatest US presidents. At least Obama had the most style of any president I can remember, but no substance. Clinton was just loved by all the Clintonbots for reasons that escape me.
    Both talked about healthcare for all and delivered only for the insurance executives. Both talked about the importance of fighting climate change but did nothing. Both talked about peace but expanded the wars. Clinton abolished the Glass ceiling on Bankers’ profits, eliminated welfare, and changed divorce courts from civil courts to criminal courts. And both were terrible on Hispanics and African-Americans.
    Meanwhile, Sanders wants to get money out of politics, which is so horrible the DNC would far prefer for Trump to win than Sanders.

  4. The job of the Democrats is to keep anyone to their left out of office.

    They will do it or go bust trying.

    These even go so far as to call themselves “Left” to capture votes of the naive.

    They are the barrier between the corporatists and the insurgent rabble, as they know it.

    They play Democratic Corporatist* to Bernie’s Democratic Socialist.

    *In the sense of “Corporatist”, the name Mussolini gave to his fascist party.

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