When Bernie Met Liz, They Stopped Thinking Straight

The most interesting aspect about Elizabeth Warren’s allegation that Bernie Sanders told her that a woman can’t be elected president is what it says about the way American voters and political journalists reason and think.

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  • Not to worry, Ted, the campaigns will not be characterised by stultophobia. Rather the contrary. After all, it would be completely ahistoric to claim that a moron can’t win…. 😉


  • alex_the_tired
    January 20, 2020 3:39 PM

    It’s truly a remarkably stupid move on Warren’s part to have accused Sanders. Her campaign’s running third (at best) in every single state–all the way to the end. This was the political equivalent of telling a joke at a party and not getting a laugh. And then repeating the joke.
    Sanders will win Iowa and New Hampshire, probably Nevada too. He’ll lose S. Carolina, but nowhere near as badly as predicted. Super Tuesday? Unless, as Greg Palast fears, they steal California from Bernie again, Sanders will probably win California. Biden got a pass this last debate because of the Warren Deception.
    That blew up in everyone’s face. And the New York Times’ “endorsement”–I am reminded of Malcolm Tucker’s line from “In the Loop” about the marzipan dildo, “It doesn’t do the job and it makes a colossal mess.”–basically presented the solons of journalism as the idiot at the restaurant who can’t pick between steak or chicken.
    If Bernie loses, I will go down to the Canadian embassy and beg them to let me in.

  • Maybe Warren erroneously thinks she represents ALL women and that a dismissal of ONE woman is a dismissal of ALL women.

    Sanders most likely didn’t say that “A” woman can’t win. After all, Sanders campaigned for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general election.

    Maybe what Warren HEARD Sanders say was that THAT woman (not A woman) can’t win, and she missed the nuance.

    The very presence of each candidate in contention is, in effect, saying that “THAT other candidate cannot win because I am going to win.”

    If Warren is sincerely offended by Sanders’ refusal to defer his candidacy to her before the voters have spoken she is portraying a fragility that all women do not have and that many women are trying to distance themselves from.

    Warren actually has a history of nuance blindness (giving her the benefit of the doubt, assuming she is not outright ethically challenged) based on her support as a Republican for the Republican lies that she used to justify her support for the war in Iraq

    Sanders has no obligation to support the candidacy of another candidate while he is still a candidate.

    I’m sure Sanders would support Warren should she become the candidate in the general election because he supported Hillary Clinton, who is the Great Satan in comparison with Warren.

  • And now Hillary is piling on and smearing Bernie. As a female I really hate this using of me too resentments to political ends. I could vote for any of the remaining female candidates, but my heart is with Bernie.

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