Banks or Loansharks?

To hear banks and their defenders tell it, student loan recipients have a moral obligation to return full payment plus exorbitant interest rates to their lenders. But what about the responsibility of lenders not to overcharge or to issue loans to people too young to understand their implications?

One thought on “Banks or Loansharks?

  1. “Durbin warns candidates like Sanders and Warren ‘jeopardize’ party’s chances to win the middle”

    Democrats, like the Senate Minority Whip Durbin, have a great plan to win against Trump.

    They want to take votes from Trumps voting base, and just forget about the fact that had Sanders been allowed to run against Trump, Democrats would now be looking forward to a Sanders’s reelection.

    Maybe Durbin would like Democrats to stoop to wearing blackface in order to split Republican votes away from Trump instead of appealing to issues that the Left marooned in the Democratic wasteland would vote for like debt forgiveness and medicare for all.

    Surely the lying, thriving, Wall Street denizens don’t know the meaning of moral obligation.

    Of course, Durbin is not going to run again.

    Maybe Durbin should really recommend that all of the Deadwood Democrats follow his lead, and get the hell out of the way.

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