Armpits Must Be Dry

An Ebola-infected nurse was allowed to travel home to Cleveland from Dallas, potentially exposing hundreds of passengers to the deadly disease.

8 thoughts on “Armpits Must Be Dry

  1. One of the things I have always really appreciated about your comics is that you often put a ton of work into complex backgrounds containing lots of little followup jokes and such. Not only do the pieces seem richer then the threadbare talking head ones even at first glance, but there is a delightful followup games of “Where’s Waldo” looking for little tid-bits of bonus humor.

    –The new Flag

    –”Insipirational” picture of Dear Leader the Golfer

    –the nicely prepared compliant 3.2 oz jar of infectious ebola fluids being checked through security (for the record the appropriate symbol for such a sample would have been the biohazard symbol, easily available in sticker form for the general public:

    –”Not that radioactive” (personally I would have put an asterisks on that going to a nearby little block of slightly squiggly lines presumed to be the fine print legalizes qualifying that statement.)

  2. Notice that the sum of the elements of the cartoon/comic/illustrated laughing square represents a collection of delusions. You don’t get this kind of crazy with just one little bit of the system not working right. You have to grow this much idiocy and illness over a long time to successfully graft it onto a previously functional and sound system.

    Whether it’s 9/11, Ebola, Hurricane Katrina, the system simply doesn’t work with any commonsense competence anymore. Airport screening. Doesn’t work. Can’t be made to work. But we’ve spent BILLIONS on it. Either screening is ineffective and the terrorists get through, or the screening (by some miracle) is effective and the terrorists simply pick another target. In either case, your end goal cannot be achieved. Even a simple-minded terrorist would be able to come up with about half a dozen things to try that would cause reactions similar to those of 9/11.

    So what do we do? Take off our shoes. Watch the president golf. Follow orders given by people who couldn’t even graduate from high school.

    In all those wilderness disaster books (Into the Wild, the Donner Party diaries, Into Thin Air) the pattern is always the same: person/people go somewhere dangerous without sufficient preparation, ignore multiple warnings, and die. The concept of Mother Nature as some benign force is complete nonsense. Watch a nature documentary. Animals are killed by other animals all the time. Read about evolution. Sharks? Cobras? Flying spiders (yes, they do exist)? They all evolved due to natural selection. Nature made them happen. A saber-tooth tiger didn’t just appear because it was cute for a 900 pound cat to evolve 8-inch incisors. Those evolved because there was a need for them.

    Nature doesn’t give you a kiss on the cheek. Nature sneaks up and suckerpunches you. And it’s the same thing with political systems. A political system that doesn’t get basic things right is like a human with no weapons wandering naked into the savannah grass. “Oh. Look. Thag see giant cat. Thag will go play with cat. What am others yelling at Thag? Something about danger? Oh well, Thag will just trust that all work out for best …”

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