Another Victory in the Struggle for Racial Equality

The fall of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling seems satisfying to those of us trying to build a more equal world. Meanwhile, the real struggle for equality continues, not least in America’s racism-infected justice system.

2 thoughts on “Another Victory in the Struggle for Racial Equality

  1. No wonder the NAACP gave Sterling the lifetime achievement award.

    Billionaires are known to whither and die when forced to endure the shame that most people endure when kissing up to them.

    “The Los Angeles NAACP intention to honor Mr. Sterling for a lifetime body of work must be withdrawn, and the donation that he’s given to the Los Angeles NAACP will be returned.”

    That was Leon Jenkins, president of the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP, addressing reporters at a hastily called press conference Monday, telling them that the chapter would not, after all, bestow its 2014 Humanitarian Award to real estate billionaire Donald Sterling.

  2. He who has the gold makes the rules – save when he screws up too publicly for it to be ignored any longer, and has to be fined, after which other chaps with gold continue to make the rules. That so-called «justice» system is a collection of some of the rules these people have made, as is an economic system which impoverishes the vast majority of the population, but enables a very small sector to become fabulously wealthy….


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