An Impossible Election

The Florida recount crisis involves 43,000 disputed votes in four counties in Florida in the year 2000. This year there could be tens of millions of paper mail in ballots for the election officials to count, and they will be operating without a full complement of workers. This is going to work out perfectly.

8 thoughts on “An Impossible Election

  1. So, let’s see if I have this right.
    Back in 2016, Trump won because the democrat’s nominee (who rigged the primary so that she could win because that’s how popular she was) turned out to be wooden, inauthentic, and a centrist.
    Now in 2020, Trump’s up against a nominee for veep who is the de facto stand-in for a doddering presidential candidate who can’t even come out of his basement in Delaware. If I were one of his corporate owners, I’d be furious.
    This election, as Ted points out, will be a fiasco. And that means it’ll go to the Supreme Court. And that means it’s Trump’s to lose. Biden/Harris have already done the losing part.

  2. Joe does seem to be doing his very best to convince the huge majority that plan to vote against Trump disirregardless that there might be an even worse alternative, but I still don’t think he can succeed in convincing enough of them to make a difference. The media all say Trump was entirely responsible for every one of almost 170,000 American deaths, and Joe will end the CoViD-19 pandemic his first day on the job and bring back all the jobs lost to Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic and the economy, and that, plus the lack of a serious third party candidate are giving Joe a generous majority in the polls, where Secretary Clinton only had a slender plurality that caused the media to say she was sure to win (and she did win that plurality, just not the college, so the polls were right but the interpretation of the polls was almost completely wrong, except for Five Thirty Eight who said Trump had about a 1 in 3 chance of winning, so not a terribly long shot).

  3. The US goes to war all over the world in the name of “bringing democracy”, while consistently installing domestic obstacles in order to shape its own election outcomes in the name of democracy.

    Of course, these US run foreign installations of “democracy” amount to coups, and so bringing fake democracy to the “homeland” (got to love that Nazi terminology) is just more of what the US does best, so why not do it at home (again and again) some might ask.

    The two parties split about 55% of the vote, giving each about 27.5%, while a 45% plurality of registered voters recognize that voting isn’t worth their effort, and so don’t bother themselves with it.

    Since America was founded in a great looting, maybe the great American tradition of looting should be recognized and co-celebrated along with celebrations of looted elections.

    Some of the greatest lootings have been the result of loot spent by corporate looters on looting elections in order to get more loot to loot more elections

    Ain’t Oligarchic Corporatocracy grand?

  4. Some people love Trump. An approximately equal number hate Trump.

    Nobody loves Biden.

    And I think that will explain this election just like it explained the 2016 one.

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