America’s Spy Non-Scandal

The News of the World and other British tabloids owned by Rupert Murdoch are accused of hacking into voicemail and emails. Here in the US, we’re shocked and bemused. What about the NSA domestic surveillance program?

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  • Don’t you see the difference? News media aren’t supposed to do that sort of thing, but it’s okay if the government does it.

  • maybe the nsa is just outsourcing.

  • Very appropriate cartoon Ted. I’m surprised you remembered to bring this up and commend you for keeping things in a historical perspective.

    And poster #2 may have a point. Maybe the NSA is outsourcing to private companies.

  • Another point we are missing, the cops were involved in giving the media that secret information, do you not suppose if you pissed off the government they might give the media information about you that might discredit you… also perhaps fake information that they claim they found out about you without your knowledge, and with no supervision of any sort.

  • nom du jour
    July 19, 2011 9:57 AM

    The next logical step would be to have unmanned drones sent in against subversive Americans. That would be in keeping with the loss of all rights under the umbrella of fighting terrorism.

    When a “cell” is hit by a predator in Boston, you will know that I am speaking the truth.

    Unless of course the NSA takes me out before this gets poste……………………………………….

  • What Patron002 sounds a lot like what the Pakistani government does (leak questionable info on opponents to the private media) and it sounds exactly like what the US government would do to its domestic opponents because they play the strategic leaks game with Pakistan too 🙂

    Good job Patron002 for bringing that up. Oh and Ted, a few quibbles, Amir Mir is a serial plagiarist and a somewhat unoriginal hack. Christine Fair’s slightly murkier assessment is close to the shadowy truth. In Pakistan, the truth is an enigma wrapped in riddles, papered with mysteries.

    But Christine Fair is defnitely closer to the truth than Amir Mir.

  • Joe Welcome
    July 19, 2011 3:41 PM

    I like the goofy look on the faces of the personell. 😀

  • Watch out ted… they may have to leak some information about you… and something about having the same type of pornography that they found in Bin Laden’s “lair” then you’ll be branded a terrorist.

  • Alas, the good stuff isn’t restricted to you people in the United States, as anyone familiar with the term «Echelon» ( will know. Of course, our governments here in Europe give this sort of information to the local CIA rezidentura anyway, so what’s their to get excited about ?…


  • If I remember correctly, a few months ago, it came out that the FBI hired some private company of self-proclaimed counter-hackers to go after Anonymous. The military also contracts out much…

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