America Finds Its Many Churchills

As America faces its biggest challenge since World War II, greatness is thrust upon its mighty political leaders.

8 thoughts on “America Finds Its Many Churchills

    • My comment above, which contains two links – one to an article in the New York Times, one to a paper in the Business History Review is now awaiting «moderation». Love that algorithm !…


    • Even more ironic, to me, is that the indictment of the Venezuelan president, has occurred, but the best that can be done to the Sackler family, which amassed a fortune in the billions, is that all their hangers-on and sycophants are shocked, shocked to learn that painkillers were addictive.

    • I am amazed at how TV news readers avoid blushing when delivering these lies to the public.

      They are real professionals worthy of the name applied to members of the “oldest profession”.

      • The real professionals, Glenn, are the ones who apply the makeup before the news anchors go on camera. No blushes get through that armour…. 😉


  1. The largest trans-national corporations, controlled by the richest people, on the other hand, are “fighting”only to keep current on the balances of their exponentially growing financial accounts, which are essentially the only beneficiaries of the battles of the various, later-day Churchill wannabe’s.

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