Age of the Assholes

The future belongs to the assholes.

5 thoughts on “Age of the Assholes

  1. Because, in order to be a voter, you have to be registered. That implies an active choice on the individual’s part to be a participant. The idea that you don’t have a good idea of who you’re voting for (barring a real shocker of a revelation) is ridiculous. “Well, I really wanted to voted, but, well, I don’t know who to vote for, even after all these months.”.

  2. @ a-t-t Actually, in most states you don’t have to be registered yet in order to vote in this election. In Ohio, the deadline is 30 days before election day.

    What’s ridiculous is to endlessly complain about how awful Obama and Rmoney are and then call other people assholes because they haven’t decided which one they’ll vote for. It’s unlikely that undecided voters are considering Stein or Johnson. They’re trying to decide between the two candidates who could actually win. You said “It’s a disaster no matter how you slice the shitcake” and then described multiple unappealing outcomes, but yet the undecided “assholes” need to hurry up and choose one? Maybe they’re considering sliced shitcake outcomes that you haven’t even imagined. Maybe not. Most importantly, there’s no reason why they need to decide on your time frame. Election day is November 6. What is the payoff for deciding before then?

  3. John,

    You make a good point, but, for me — and I can’t be the only one — it didn’t take anywhere near as long as this to realize that the choices are shitcake, shitpie, shit sorbet, shit surprise, and shit flambe. So it still comes back to a “Really? People can’t figure out who to vote for yet?” What will finally be the deciding factor? Romney defecating on an American Flag? Obama pistol-whipping a kitten? What will finally tip the needle one way or the other?

  4. @ a-t-t I can’t say that I understand their indecisiveness*, but I don’t think it makes them assholes. If Rmoney and BHO are so dreadful, then why aren’t the people who’ve already decided to vote for them the assholes? I just don’t get why the undecided swing-staters are the assholes. Their votes actually matter. My red state vote is inconsequential and I don’t know how I would vote if I lived in a purple state. It’s a decision I don’t have to make. I can just go ahead and vote for Stein.

    * I’m sure some of it is that they don’t want to vote for Thurston Howell, but at least he’s white.

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