Abortions and Tattoos

Joining Utah and South Dakota, the state of Missouri is quickly moving toward requiring a three-day waiting period for women seeking abortions. What is the logic behind this? Do they really think women aren’t thinking these decisions through?

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  • alex_the_tired
    May 21, 2014 5:04 AM

    A great cartoon Ted. Were you thinking of Robert Stack when you drew the guy in the suspenders?

    But notice the long-game approach of the conservatives? A three-day waiting period. In another state, in a few years, it’ll be a seven-day period. Then a 10-day period. Eventually, you’ll have the 30-day wait. And each time, the Democrats, at least the ones who can stop shivering long enough, will say, “Well, that sounds reasonable. They’re only ask for a few more days’ delay.” Eventually, it’ll be a ten-month waiting period.

  • I wish someone would sue for wrongful ‘life’ since for whatever reason his or her mother could not get an abortion and then that they demand all kinds of free stuff like healthcare and education from the same government that denied the abortion in the first place?! A movie?

    Also it is overdue to replace the ambiguous Roe v. Wade by the equal protection clause even judge Bork said it so!

    The Civil War, women lib and repeal Obamacare will go on forever cause this country, the best in the whole wide world past present and future, is way too big to be handled by the way of this Constitution.

    • @ SuzyS –
      *… this country, the best in the whole wide world past present and future….*
      With what authority can you make that claim? Have you ever lived in any other? I have, and I find this a great fallacy that keeps people’s eyes blind to the Truth. It reminds me of…. What was that TV show where the co-ed was basically called stupid because she believed the propaganda? I’d do a Google search for it, but you’ve probably seen it already. 🙂

  • We all don’t all agree when “life” starts, but can’t we agree that the later it is the more likely that the fetus is “life”? By delaying things, the religious wrong just makes it all the more likely that a “life” will end when a woman does get an abortion.

    That is, after all, consistent with the rest of their policies on sex. They don’t want their kids to have access to birth control, they don’t want their kids to learn how sex works in the first place. They just make it all the more likely that their kids will wind up pregnant. Texas consistently has one of the highest raters of unplanned pregnancies. … duh?

    By making it harder for poor women to get abortions, they make it all the more likely that there will be more of the poor children they can’t seem to see – let alone care about. That’s more people on the public dole they’re constantly complaining about.

    The only thing they’re consistent in is their inconsistency.

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