Abortion Tourism

Pregnant? Stuck in the deep South? You can still get an abortion… But it’s going to cost you.

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  • alex_the_tired
    May 20, 2022 8:48 AM

    So the sitrep is “All Quiet on the Abortion Front”? What Ted describes is, basically, what’s already happening. Those who can pay will still be able to buy abortions. A lot of the Left cannot comprehend someone being “priced out” of an abortion. It’s already economically-mathematically impossible, even in places where abortions are available, for some to get abortions. Once the Republicans are back in “formal” control of the Congress, they will probably implement a few tweaks to the Mann Act to make it even more difficult. Sending money via PayPal so a girl can get an abortion? Illegal. Using a credit card to check her in at a Motel 6? Also illegal. Buying her a bus ticket to cross the state border to get an abortion? Illegal. And the Supreme Court will back it, and the companies will cave. Almost as fast as Joe Biden and the dems. But, be strong, the pointlessness of idiot protests that accomplish nothing will be maintained. Women in their 50s wearing Pussy Hats and applauding themselves for their “day of action” will reward themselves with avocado toast and a day-spa trip as they text each other about how their protest (covered by no one in the media) really empowered them.
    George Carlin was right. It’s not the politicians’ fault. It’s the fault of the idiots who vote for them. (And remember, Biden 2024 — He’s not Trump!)

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