A Terrible Shock

U.S. officials are shocked by the murder by radical Islamists of the American Ambassador to Libya, in a country whose government is dominated by radical Islamists they installed. Here we go again…will Syria be next?

4 thoughts on “A Terrible Shock

  1. Could we all just calm the hell down, please?

    It’s not like terrorists funded by the United States are gonna do something like fly some planes into buildings. Especially not while the economy’s in the tank and politicians are struggling to come up with answers for a public that is starting to realize exactly how far up a particular creek we are.

    I’m sure the president is carefully reading his daily briefings, and will respond appropriately to protect the interests of his family. Now let’s all be quiet while he … SINKS the putt from 40 feet! A phenomenal shot! I sure would like to have a beer with him!!!!!!

  2. Meanwhile, our glorious drones, commanded by their valiant operators thousands of miles away, continue to mete out justice for this cowardly act. (Remember, only America-hating terrorists use the word hypocrisy.)

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