A New Shithole Country

If nothing else, the political and economic collapse of the United States means it no longer has much stomach for lecturing other countries.

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  • If nothing else, the political and economic collapse of the United States means it no longer has much stomach for lecturing other countries.

    It should mean that, Ted, but the worse the situation becomes in the US. the more its representatives, like Mr Trump and his enforcer Mr Pompeo, attempt to deflect criticism by blaming others. As if, e g, those nefarious Chinese are responsible for the signal failure of the US to adequately address the Covid-19 pandemic in that country….


  • Re: “Shithole countries”

    1) The “vast majority” made so by the exceptional USA that, apparently, doesn’t believe its own propaganda, so must destroy others so that it can “respect” itself
    2) the ultimate in projection and distraction … a remarkable achievement, really, for history’s indisputable #1 society of projection and distraction … of cosmic proportions

  • Looks like San Francisco California – A Sanctuary ‘Shithole’ Filled with Bums, Gangs, Illegals, Junkies and Kleptocrats.

    • As, Kelly, opposed to the rest of the country – land of the free, home of the brave ?… 😉


      • Yep — the homeless are now camping under the BQE. (That’s the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, for you barbarians.) It gets a lot colder here than in San Francisco, so I don’t know if they’ll endure, but a few years ago encampments overwintered under the Brooklyn and Williamsburg bridges until the cops chased them out.

    • The most dangerous, and shithole-producing, Kleptocrats are actually on the other coast of the US. They are also called “corporate lobbyists” and they are protected, coddled and lavishly served their every desire (and then some) by the local institution known as “congress.”

  • alex_the_tired
    October 16, 2020 1:24 PM

    That rattling noise you hear? That’s the wheels starting to come off the wagon, friends. After the election? Well, I’m reminded of the line from the Flintstones where Barney says that if feels like he’s heading up the gangway to board a ship, but there’s no ship.
    Even if, um, Biden wins, he won’t have a Senate majority. Even if the dems manage 50 seats, you know they won’t do anything to help the middle class or solve the systemic national problems we’ve got. It’ll be more Clintonian centrism. “Well, we wanted to allow people who are dying on the sidewalks outside of hospitals to be allowed to not be shot in the head and thrown in the gutter. The Republicans wanted them all shot in the head twice and heaved into the gutters. We fought like hell. And we won. Our compromise is that the people dying on the sidewalk will only be shot in the head once before being thrown into the gutter. And we tried to pass a rider (which the Republicans line-item vetoed) that would have provided a voucher for family members to take the subway to the morgue to identify the bodies. After our four-week vacation, we’ll try to get that slipped in to a military funding bill. But we’ll have to end Social Security for that. Oh well.”
    He will be kneecapped on everything. The Republicans will intentionally block every single solitary thing. And in the midterms, they’ll regain more of the Senate and possibly the House too. By 2024, they’ll be all set to take back the White House as well.
    I have great hope that by 2032, enough people will have woken up that maybe something will change.

  • I wish Mr Rall had Upvotes. I agree with mhenriday and falco.

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