911: Would You Like Us To Commit a Crime?

After yet another police shooting of an innocent unarmed civilian in her own home, you have to ask yourself why anyone would call the police unless they absolutely had no other choice?

3 thoughts on “911: Would You Like Us To Commit a Crime?

  1. I would rather not that a person without skin in the game come to my rescue.

    Too many kids have grown up to be cops with the belief that a “license to kill” is a real thing. Maybe the common belief that it is a real thing is making it into a real thing.

    Maybe life is imitating art (“art”, if you want to call it that).

    From where do you suppose an idea like that has come into American consciousness?

    Who are you gonna call when attacked,” a hippy?” goes the retort from decades past.

    Maybe that retort is beginning to sound more reasonable to more people.

    I would rather have CrazyH, despite his craziness, come to my rescue than a uniformed loony bird who knows he is likely to go free from even a civil lawsuit, one which would be paid out of public coffers.

    At least it is a sure thing that the rhetorical “hippy” is not going to get a free pass after mistakenly (carelessly) shooting an innocent person.

    And he knows it.

  2. No, no, Ted, you misunderstand completely – police brutality and crimes take place only in Hong Kong (note that I’m not talking about the disturbances that took place in that city back in 1967, when those kindly British ran it – in which over 50 were killed and which the English-language editon of Wikipedia calls «leftist riots», but rather those taking place now, which that same unbiased organ calls «protests», and in which nobody has been killed)…. 😉

    Can you imagine how the police – and the national guard, which would surely be called out – would react if groups wearing masks were to trash public buildings and destroy underground stations in a US city ?…


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