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Depending on their politics, people are praising or sending threats to employees of the National Archives in the week of the records raid at Mar-a-Lago.

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  • Even if it is not the right time to ask: how it is that the very same aggressive FBI did NOT similarly raid DNC headquarters when the DNC “declined” to give the FBI the infamous computer alleged to have contained the information/justification that precipitated all of RTP©***-gate”””?
    *** Rootin’ Tootin’ Putin
    “”” that so effectively whipped-up any still-latent, visceral Russia-hate in preparation for President Dirty Harry presiding over the final scene of the extremely comprehensive Empire-suicide in Ukraine … that he and his boss, Saint Obumma, initiated in the 2014 Kiev coup

  • alex_the_tired
    September 2, 2022 7:57 AM

    Donald Trump has, for decades, skirted the law, just like every president before him. Whenever you look at these sharpsters, they always have one trait in common: they’re never stupid enough to self-incriminate. Trump is an unqualified genius at this. Everything he says has a metonymic escape hatch. There’s always enough wiggle room in his utterances. No one’s caught him in his entire professional career as a sideshow goon. The idea that Trump, somehow, was stupid enough to leave incriminating evidence lying around for an entire year? Nope. And that will probably be his defense: “What? Am I so stupid as to have not copied these things onto a thumb drive and burned the originals? You honestly think I willfully took these with some evil intent and then just left them where they could be found on my property?”

  • Despite tRump’s lifelong use of the Mafioso trick of never directly ordering underlings to commit the crimes he wants committed, His run seems done. His belief that he is bullet proof due to his four year occupation of the White House is hubris rather than reality, he will have to answer for stealing government files or his massive tax fraud and probably for other crimes as well.

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