21st Century Leadership

President Obama gives one speech after another on important issues: Guantanamo, the NSA, jobs and the economy, race relations. But then…nothing. No bills are proposed. He just talks…as if talking were enough. In other words, he governs the way he campaigned —€” purely based on platitudes. And apparently it’s enough.

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  • I read something a week or two ago that a House committee was looking into impeaching Obama. Anything happening there? Wazzup?

    • A few house members almost always mutter about impeaching a president of the opposite party; however, a) it takes a majority; and b) the last time they tried that and got the requisite majority, it really hurt them in the mid-term election.

      So highly unlikely.

      Also, in ’98, the Senate ruled that a President, warts and all, was elected by the People. So, if it’s the President’s word against a DNA test, we have to take the President’s word over the DNA test, since this is a Democracy, and the People voted for the President and a fortiori, for all his statements to be considered True under US Law.

      • I was wondering, because the story was there – and then it disappeared. Apparently, the recommendation was sent to committee. I didn’t hear (or read) anything after that. Thus, my question. Thanks.

  • Two mouth’s of Obama.

    Says one: We must act now; says the other: Don’t worry, this is just to placate my adoring public.

  • Comforting to see that your president sleeps soundly, Ted – imagine the damage he could do were he plagued by insomnia ! As Gaius Julius Caesar knew, it’s the ones that don’t sleep o’ nights, who are the dangerous ones….


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