2021 Could Look Pretty Ugly No Matter Who Wins

Joe Biden is leading in the polls. Democrats would like to believe that things will get a lot better if he wins, but do they have any real basis to believe that?

5 thoughts on “2021 Could Look Pretty Ugly No Matter Who Wins

  1. Speaking of disasters (and a, um, Biden “victory” would certainly be one) ….

    Because the Titanic sank, everything changed: the Ice Patrol was formed, the Radio Act required that all ships be radio manned 24 hours a day, lifeboats sufficient for the entire complement of crew and passengers (not by tonnage as was done) were required.

    Perhaps Ted can do up a one-panel job that can be reproduced at the size of a business card for ease of handing out when people panhandle or try to invoke the gentle wisdom of good ol’ Joe. Something that tells them that they’re wrong, that they were warned they were wrong, that they would not listen, and that this is all their fault.

    I’d get a couple hundred printed up fast, before all the copy shops shut down. I’ll sure as hell need them in a Biden presidency.

  2. I don’t think the MSM are that important any more. Increasingly, people have their own media. I think the difference between Trump and Biden futures are this: if Trump is reelected, riots will break out immediately. If Biden is elected the people will hang back and observe for awhile. Then some event will set them off, and they’ll riot, or engage in a general strike. Of course one or both candidates may drop dead any time soon.

  3. This is the way the world ends.
    This is the way the world ends.
    This is the way the world ends.
    Not with a bang but with a whimper

    Don’t think so, Ted ; I suspect that as Mr Trump’s campaign becomes more and more desperate, it come ever closer to escalating the conflict it has created with China into a real-live shooting war. Our (H sapiens sapiens) chance of going out with a real bang are getting better by the day….


    • Hi Henri

      So far the many foreign policy threats of His Hairness have remained only verbal, attempted intimidation.

      Certainly a shooting war with China would be “perfect” motive for cancelling elections and declaring HH president until its over.

      Then, second only to observing the death toll, the public sport will be watching to see if the Dems will block the end of THAT war as they recently did the “threatened” troop draw downs in Afghanistan.

      However, it may be HH’s promised “taking over” of the BLM protests that will actually be used for campaign fodder. Chris Floyd has chillingly reported the beginnings of it here: tinyurl.com/y3tbmbnd (copy and paste)

      That the first line of “Resistance” here is Ron “CEO’s lie to me under oath in Senate hearings – with total impunity” Wyden is of special concern.

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