15 People

Andy Warhol predicted that everyone would be famous for 15 people. But thanks to the digital revolution, everyone will be famous to 15 people.

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  • Ted, I believe a typo has crept into your description under the ‘toon. Shouldn’t it read: “Andy Warhol predicted that everyone would be famous for 15 *minutes*? (Like the ‘toon, anyhow.)

  • Should have mentioned: My son is also an “e-book novellaist [sic]”!

  • Actually, I would say our society has become a bizarro world where people with talent and skill are not famous, and people who drink a lot and do stupid crap are famous. It’s never been a better time i history than now to be a completely worthless human.

  • @ patron002 – Agreed. Example: LL who’s doing a Playboy spread.

  • Perhaps we don’t all have to watch the same three TV channels – perhaps we could chill out and all read a book, even if each person were to choose a different one. But on the other hand, perhaps that’s just not done anymore (I really should stop spending 10-14 hours a day at the computer)….


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