1% Solution Deserves 1% Reward

The muckraking journalist Lincoln Steffens pointed out that a half-measure in politics can actually make a problem worse. Media and voters believe that a problem has been addressed or that Congress has done as much as it is able or willing to do about it. That reduces the chance of a real, complete solution. Congress appears to be moving to a possible 1% solution on mass shootings with assault weapons.

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  • This, among the continuous examples of bipartisan political contempt for the populace, by its congressional (theoretical) servants, deserves 2, per person, not just one …. raised and vigorously wagged middle fingers, in a clear “you’re number ZERO” message.

  • alex_the_tired
    June 20, 2022 10:11 AM

    It also, ah, “empowers” simplistic thinking.
    “Are you voting for Biden?”
    “Why?” (Note that: the person actually asked me for an answer.)
    “The guy who said he’d veto UHC if it got to the Oval Office? The same guy whose son (as he mentions every eleven seconds) died by inches in one of the most undignified ways possible, almost forcing Good Old Joe to lose his house? So you want me to vote for someone who has gone through that hell and who’d be given the ability to stop millions of others from going through it, but proudly and arrogantly says he won’t? Why won’t I vote for him? The better question is why would you vote for him?”
    “Oh, if you’re going to be like THAT!’ (Note: when the answer I gave didn’t reinforce the Social Justice Warrior’s pre-indoctrinated stance, I became Unmutual.)
    Biden’s going to lose in the midterms. The dnc will lose in 2024. Trump-DeSantis will have a Reagan-level sweep in 2024. And that’s the end game. It’ll just be moving the chess pieces around toward an unavoidable checkmate.
    And we should start laying the blame now. The Clinton family, who were just as criminally corrupt as Donald Trump. All the celebrities, and their bird-peck attention spans, backing them. The dnc. Every vapid newscaster (but I repeat myself). The New York Times. All the woke who were so busy arguing about pronouns they let the Republicans gut Roe v. Wade. Every arrogant bully in every college classroom who shut down meaningful debate because “I’m not comfortable with the high levels of patriarchal rape-oppression colonialism, so we have to stop reading ‘Huckleberry Finn.’ ” Every mouth-breathing simpleton who argued that the fix was for all of us to simply recycle harder and ride a bicycle 21 miles to work every day on a highway. … (And now, to moderation.)

  • BrotherMartin
    June 20, 2022 11:26 AM

    Problem is, the D’s and R’s have rigged the system so there’s nobody else to vote for but them….as a longtime Green Party activist, I have become aware through years of struggle to get our party on the ballot and in the media that both the law and the media’s bias systematically exclude any real change through the electoral system.

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