The Final Countdown – 6/21/24 – U.S. Redirects Patriot Systems from Client States to Ukraine

On this episode of The Final Countdown, hosts Ted Rall and Angie Wong discuss political developments from around the globe, including the latest out of Ukraine.
The show begins with political commentator Scottie Nell Hughes joining the show to discuss Trump and Biden’s performance in the polls. 
Then, Paul Wright, managing editor at Prison Legal News and executive director of the Human Rights Defense Center, joins the show to discuss the prevalence of forced prison labor in the U.S. prison system and analyzes an NYT op-ed calling it legalized slavery.
Later, journalist and Host of The Back Story on Radio Sputnik Rachel Blevins weighs in on the rising tensions between Israel and Lebanon.
The show closes with Serbian-American journalist Nebojsa Malic discussing the newly named NATO chief.
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