The Final Countdown – 5/9/24- Biden Puts Foot Down on Bomb Deliveries to Israel

On this episode of The Final Countdown, hosts Angie Wong and Ted Rall discuss top news from around the world, including the latest out of Gaza amid Israel’s invasion of the region of Rafah. 

Tyler Nixon – Counselor-at-law
Gerald Celente – Trends Journal Publisher and Founder of the Trends Research Institute
Paul Bondar – Republican Candidate for Congress
Scott Stantis – Cartoonist for The Chicago Tribune
The show kicks off with counselor-at-law Tyler Nixon delving into the complexities of Stormy Daniels’ testimony in the Trump hush money trial. 
Then, Trends Journal publisher Gerald Celente analyzes the recent U.S. decision to pause bomb shipments to Israel amid its ongoing onslaught of Rafah, along with the impact of Gaza solidarity encampments. 
The second hour begins with Republican candidate for Congress, Paul Bondar, discussing the ongoing legal proceedings involving Fani Willis as the case progresses to the Georgia Court of Appeals.
The show closes with cartoonist for The Chicago Tribune, Scott Stantis, weighing in on Marjorie Taylor Greene’s unsuccessful attempt to remove House Speaker Mike Johnson.
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