The Final Countdown – 4/17/24 – Massie Backs Ousting House Speaker Mike Johnson as Congress Clashes Over Ukraine and Israel Funding

On this episode of The Final Countdown, hosts Angie Wong and Ted Rall discuss the latest political developments domestically and abroad, including U.S. Congress clashing over aid funding.

Robert Hornack – Political Consultant
Laith Marouf – Award-winning Journalist
Jamie Finch – Former Director at the National Transportation Safety Board 
The show begins with Robert Hornack weighing in on the upcoming SCOTUS decision on Trump and the January 6 defendants. 
Then, award-winning journalist Laith Marouf delves into the escalating tensions between Iran and Israel, discussing statements from Foreign Minister David Cameron about an imminent Israeli response inside Iran, Iran’s stark warnings against such actions, and the anticipated widespread protests that could ensue.
The show wraps up with Former NTSB Director Jamie Finch addressing the recent surge in safety concerns reported by the American Airlines union, analyzing potential causes, implications for passenger safety, and necessary actions to mitigate these risks in the aviation industry.
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