The Final Countdown – 11/21/23 – Israel, Hamas Close to Reaching Deal on Hostages

On this episode of The Final Countdown, hosts Ted Rall and Angie Wong discussed several topics worldwide, including Israel and Hamas getting close to reaching a hostage deal.

Daniel Lazare: Independent journalist & author 

Carter Clews: President of Constitutional Rights PAC

Ryan Cristian: Founder & Editor, The Last American Vagabond

Aquiles Larrea: CEO of Larrea Wealth Management and Finance Expert in New York City

The show kicks off with independent journalist Daniel Lazare discussing President Biden’s dwindling approval ratings. 

Then, President of Constitutional Rights PAC Carter Clews shares his perspective on the Los Angeles grand jury probe into Hunter Biden. 

The second hour begins with Ryan Cristian, the founder & editor of The Last American Vagabond, weighing in on the latest out of Gaza, including the hostage deal between Israel and Hamas.

The show closes with CEO of Wealth Management and Finance Expert Aquiles Larrea sharing his perspective on New York City’s budget cuts.