DMZ America Podcast #25: Ethan Crumbley Tried as an Adult, Sex Offenders and Criminal Justice Reform

Ted and Scott dedicate the whole podcast to a subject nobody cares about: the abominable state of America’s criminal justice system. Major focus this week is on the decision by Michigan prosecutors to charge a 15-year-old child as though he were an adult. From the need for top-to-bottom reform at all levels of the criminal justice system to finding a place of agreement on sex with cats. This may not be the podcast America wants, but it is the podcast America needs!


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  • THANK you for focusing on this transparently idiotic and truly horrible practice of trying children as adults. It’s one of these things that’s just so transparently nuts, not to mention sadistic, but that almost everyone agrees to pretend is somehow something else. Of course, the whole “criminal justice” system is also nuts and sadistic, but this particular piece takes the cake. It’s only rarely called out and never with such clarity. Thank you.

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