DMZ America Podcast #18: The Great Resignation, Katie and Ruth, Alden Capital, Social Media, Whitman’s Militant Moderates

Political cartoonists Ted Rall and Scott Stantis go long this time. Millions of Americans are quitting their jobs because they hate them. But why now? Katie Couric admits that she ran interference for Ruth Bader Ginsberg in the Colin Kaepernick story. What does it mean, who will remember? Alden Capital, notorious for destroying newspapers, has come for the Chicago Tribune chain and it’s the end of the end for American journalism. You already knew that social media was terrible; here’s why it’s just as bad as cigarettes. Finally, Christine Todd Whitman becomes the latest centrist Republican to waste her time and ours trying to turn the GOP into a bunch of nice moderates.



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  • alex_the_tired
    October 15, 2021 1:13 PM

    Biggest question: How many of the 4 million are women (or men) who are able to quit because spouse has kept the job and all the income (more or less) from the second job was being eaten up in costs associated with that job (transportation, child care, bought lunches at work because you’re too tired to make lunch, etc.) anyway, but the extent of this wasn’t realized until lockdown. “Holy Hell! When I add it all up, I’m only making about $3,000 a year.”
    And, correction: Bill Clinton wasn’t a Democrat.

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