The Coup I Predicted Has Begun

My regular readers know that I’ve been concerned about an attempt by outgoing president Donald Trump to stay in office via a violent coup.

Regardless of what happens at the Capitol, if the invasion ends, the coup attempt is underway and cannot be considered behind us until Biden is sworn in. Democrats have cornered Trump.

He is fighting for his life, to stay out of prison for the rest of his life. He will do anything to avoid that. If

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  • We were watching this on the news and I asked my 11 yr old daughter why she thinks the Trump rioters are taking selfies inside the capitol building. She turns and says “because they know nothing will happen to them.”

    • Isn’t this standard rioter behaviour? Whether or not this self-confidence is actually warranted. Besides, people take selfies when they really shouldn’t all the time, e.g. during confidential operations.

    • Very wise daughter! Masha Gessen in The New Yorker wrote a similar analysis. Expert on autocracy, starting with her experiences in Russia.

      • Gessen thinks the capitol police saw them as clowns. I disagree. The police saw them sympathetically, just as every police department in the country supports Trumpists. It also helped that they were deliberately understaffed. My home town went 65% for Biden, but over the summer a Trumpist drove a pickup truck onto the sidewalk nearly running over several BLM protesters. The police refused to charge the driver with anything.

      • That’s the same expert on autocracy who thinks that homosexuals are somehow inherently opposed to it, right?

  • alex_the_tired
    January 6, 2021 4:57 PM

    Oh, Ted, this isn’t going to end on Jan. 20. Not anymore. They’ve got their martyr — some woman died. I suspect the Lone Wolf Timothy McVeigh types will start detonating fertilizer bombs and shooting up shopping malls later this week. Even if Trump admits he has been lying all this time, it’s too late now.
    And let’s keep in mind, if Hillary Clinton hadn’t rigged the primary in 2016 with the dnc’s help, and then lost to Trump, none of this would have happened.
    I took some money out of the bank on Monday, just in case Trump declares martial law. Because once he does, credit cards aren’t going to work for a while.
    And, um, Joe Biden, if someone’s reading this to you while you’re fed your tapioca, THIS is when you go after ALL of it: Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, $20 minimum wage, total student loan forgiveness, ALL OF IT. And. You. Do. Not. Compromise.

    • It’d be “compromise” if he actually wanted any of those things, but was afraid to ask for all of them due to the strength of Republican opposition. I think the word you’re looking for is “stonewall”, which he’ll do because none of this is part of his agenda.

  • A riot isn’t a coup. That said a riot MIGHT be used as cover for one, or to help build up tension leading up to it. Guess we’ll see.

  • Re: ” … until Biden is sworn in.” Is Blackrock/XE available for security duty at the inauguration? If not, perhaps the inauguration would be better be carried out and “zoomed” from Dick Cheney’s bunker of undisclosed location.

  • I’m reading my insane ex-high-school friends on Facebook and the MAGA nuts are somewhat in disarray right now. Half of them are saying this was an ANTIFA false flag, but many others are wondering why Trump let them down. They may at some point let go of Trump, but they won’t let go of that Trump feeling.

    Lunatics with guns. It’s really not over.

  • Who wants to bet he’s letting all these MAGA people into the White House for a Hitler’s bunker situation while he flees the country for golfing overseas (Not Russia though since he can’t do it year-long there) on or before January 20th?

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