The Stringer

April 21, 2021

Ted Rall’s new graphic novel is ripped from the headlines.

Suffering from budget cuts, layoffs, and a growing suspicion that his search for the truth has become obsolete, veteran war correspondent Mark Scribner is about to throw in the towel on journalism when he discovers that his hard-earned knowledge can save his career and make him wealthy and famous. All he has to do is pivot to social media and, with a few cynical twists, abandon everything he cares about most.

Graphic Novel, 2021
NBM Publishing Hardback, 8.5″x11″, 152 pp., $24.99

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One thought on “The Stringer

  1. Re: ” … abandon everything he cares about most.”

    Sounds like main stream media’s journalists’ (non)-reaction to Assange. Except it would have to be adjusted to say ” … abandon everything they have CLAIMED to care about most.”

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