Full Text of National Writers Union Amicus Letter

The NWU has joined six other free-speech organizations in supporting my lawsuit against the LA Times with an Amicus Letter to the California Supreme Court. It is so great to see people stepping forward and standing up against billionaire Dr. Pat Soon-Shiong, whose LA Times is bullying me on behalf of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Here is the text of their letter:


  • Writers are auto workers? Man, you learn something new every day…

    Hey! Ted! My car’s making this “whucka-whucka whirrrrr” sound – can you tell me what’s wrong?

  • alex_the_tired
    March 14, 2019 9:10 PM

    Now that the professional organizations are coming out of the woodwork, have any of your professional friends stepped up? Or are they all still too busy?

    • Yes. Being rehabilitated must feel like being declared innocent after conviction. It’s bittersweet.

      I do not forgive, I cannot forget those who sat on their hands after the enhanced audio came out.

  • Good amicus letter, from an organisation itself worthy of support, despite it being organised as a local under the auspices of an industrial union. Some autoworkers may read, and some writers may find that their economic and working conditions can best be improved by this type of organisation….


  • alex_the_tired
    March 16, 2019 8:50 AM

    As to the auto union/writer union thing. I’d like to point out that I can recall that when the Air Traffic Controllers went on strike, Reagan fired them. And do you know what all the other related unions did? Much like Ted’s mute professional peers, they did nothing. Had all these unions gone on strike, it just might have wiped that shit-eating grin off of shit-colored-haired Reagan. But instead, the unions caved, and that was all the predators needed. It was the beginning of neo-capitalism and the dismantling of the unions in this country.
    And it’s why so many Gen Xers had to limp through life, never getting anywhere because, well, golly, those baby boomers had already cut themselves such an enormous piece of the pie, and now instead of a pension, here’s a phone book-sized batch of gobblydegook and pick your 401(k). And hell, when you’re laid off — I mean “right sized” — you can just dip into it, until it’s gone.
    In a perfecter world, yes, the writers would be union brothers and sisters with the auto mechanics and the bakery employees and the hotel maids. That doesn’t mean everyone would be paid a million dollars, but it means that when some filthy goddamned thieving cocksucker of a billionaire starts whipping his minions for the delight of it, that there would be swift, brutal, economic reprisal that would end that shit in a big hurry.
    You think that if Ted had been represented by a union (and one that had the ability to threaten–and I choose the word deliberately–to call a strike that would have a whole lot of CEOs screaming at the top of their faked-my-way-into-the-Ivy-League voices) that he’d be waiting THIS long for the slim chance of finally being allowed to have his side of the story judged by impartial people?
    What happened to Ted Rall is a fate that’s waiting for all of us. The whole system is rigged against us by the most depraved, greedy, pathological deviants that have ever existed. And the only way we’re going to get through this is by sticking together. And that means, yes indeed, if I’m in a union as a writer and the auto workers union calls a strike, I not only don’t cross the picket line, I have nothing to do with anyone who does. How long has that Ivy League test scam been going on? How long have people been pretending to have dyslexia so they can have all the time in the world to do the work that other people have to manage while holding down a full-time job because Christ A’mighty, the price of college keeps going up up up.
    And that’s my rant for today. But I am serious. I have never had the luxury of belonging to a union, but I absolutely support them. And I don’t care how strange the associations may be; there’s strength in numbers.

  • «well, golly, those baby boomers had already cut themselves such an enormous piece of the pie …

    And the only way we’re going to get through this is by sticking together.» And that includes «Baby Boomers» and «Generation X-ers» ; if they allow themselves to be divided by the machinations of those who really did manage to cut themselves an enormous slice of the pie whta should belong to anyone, then these latter, as is the case today, will go scot free….