Text of CRNI Amicus Letter

The Cartoonists Rights Network International compares what the LA Times did to me to repression in Turkey, Malaysia and Equatorial Guinea.
Here is the complete letter CRNI was kind enough to send to the California Supreme Court in opposition to the LA Times’ motion that I pay billionaire Dr. Pat Soon-Shiong (owner of the Times) hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.


  • They got no balls. If they had BALLS, they’da filed an Amicus Cartoon!

  • I hope the court receives many such letters from its amici….


  • I can’t but wonder if the court has received amicus letters from L A Times amici, explaining how vital it is for the preservation of social order in the US that large cooperations retain the ability to crush those who dare to question their actions….


    • They did send in one, from the California newspaper publishers association, of which they are the largest member. It’s kind of like getting a note from your mom. But even that one didn’t go very far and it didn’t even address defamation which is the core of the case.

      • «It’s kind of like getting a note from your mom.» Perhaps you could respond in kind, Ted ?…


        PS : Hardly surprising that the CNPA’s amicus letter/brief didn’t take up defamation ; after all, when arguing, one attempts to avoid the weak points of the side one is supporting….

      • For sure. Unlike the LA Times, the CNPA has some shame and self-awareness.

  • Really impressive. Hopefully they hit just the right tone to embarrass the court into doing something – after all, the international standing of the Great State of California is at stake…

    The trick is not to come across too strongly, i.e. blaring “The U.S. is worse than Nigeria for press freedom!” which would be just shrugged off like so many chemtrails.

    Figures that international cartoonists double as tightrope artists – professionals in going as far as possible without letting happening to you that which finally caught up with Ted? 😉

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