Updates: My Stupid Eyes, The Stupid LA Times

Thanks to everyone who has been supportive over my struggle against a severe case of viral conjunctivitis. I am both sorry and happy to report that there hasn’t been a significant improvement in my vision. On the other hand, it hasn’t gotten worse. It isn’t unheard of for these cases to drag on for months or even over a year. Basically, I can see but things are blurry. And while the itching and pain are gone, there’s still a lot of tearing. Of course, seasonal pollen doesn’t help. Anyway, it goes on.

Speaking of pains in the ass that won’t go away, the Los Angeles Times is continuing its campaign of McCarthyist retaliation against me for taking on the LAPD (whose pension fund effectively owned the parent company of the LA Times at the time). Yesterday they filed the first of three — of a second set! — of anti-SLAPP motions directed against me. Their goal: to bankrupt me by forcing me to pay their legal fees! That’s right: a $500 million corporation wants to make me pay at least $300,000 to them. (They paid me $300/week before they fired me in a corrupt secret deal with LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.)

I am suing the LA Times for defamation, wrongful termination and blacklisting, as well as other charges related to their publication of two libelous pieces about me in which they described me as a liar even though I was telling the truth. The Times is terrified that my case will get in front of a jury, so they’re abusing the anti-SLAPP statute — which was designed to protect small-time individual whistleblowers against big corporate institutions like the Times — to try to bankrupt me.

You can learn about the Times’ sleazy tactics and contribute if you are so moved here.

My lawyers are preparing their response to the Times’ disgusting anti-SLAPP motion this week.

10 thoughts on “Updates: My Stupid Eyes, The Stupid LA Times

  1. I find it frustrating that Ted’s suit isn’t gaining more traction in the media. I’ve written several letters to the editor in my local paper – not one was published; implored the writers of said paper – no articles.

    This is f’n huge.

  2. Thanks, CrazyH. Media coverage would be especially useful to expose the disgusting abuse of anti-SLAPP, which impacts many more people than me, not to mention the corrupt relationship between the LAT and the LAPD.

  3. Best of luck. I can only say that I hope your lawyers can do something.

  4. That’s rotten, Ted! Our litigious society blindly steps all over the individual’s rights! I would hope someone covfefe’s (hacks?) the $hit out of them – it would serve them right.

  5. Sorry to hear of your problems, Ted.

    Somebody has to beat these bastards back some day.

    I hope it is you.

    Your problems are not dissimilar to others who have been politically prosecuted by both parties for the “crime” of political embarrassment, something that would not occur if these princely corporate pigs had a use for the Constitution as other than as a rag to smother dissenting voices.

    The fake news bastards hate anybody who would devalue their highly compensated producers of propaganda by audaciously examining the crap they expect an indiscriminate consuming public to unquestioningly swallow whole.

    Then they expect this indiscriminate public to regurgitate this undigested crap among their associates for further consumption.

    Disgusting that this works as well as it does.

  6. Ted,

    At what Patreon pledge level do you reveal the names of “self-identified lefties” who have made threats (death and otherwise) against you?

  7. There’s not much I can do from Mexico, but I just sent an email to an editor of the “Arkansas Times” in Little Rock (personal acquaintance), asking if he might be able to give a bit of publicity to your situation.

    • “Earache My Eyes” , Ted! – If anyone did this to me, I’d run them down, find them and kick their ass. But you don’t – you bring a knife to a gunfight or a covered casserole, huh? Stop whining. That’s what they want. Take it to them! Grow a pair, Ted! Stop axing us to help you – do something for yourself and stop whining like Kathy Griffith.

      • Cheech and Chong quote duly noted.

        But the rest – are you serious? Ted knows he’s bringing a casserole to a gun fight, and he’s got a big enough pair to show up at High Noon anyway. He’s “axing” us to help buy a hog leg.

        Are you gonna help, or are you gonna stand on the boardwalk watching Shane fight for you?

      • @ rikster –

        Huh? Your best advice is to go outside the law for vigilante jusiice? Yeah, that’s the ticket –take the law into your own hands and become a criminal.

        On the other hand, you might use the court system and pursue legal alternatives. What would a sane person do?

        “Covered casserole,” my ass.

        Why don’t you grow a brain?