Trump: A Graphic Biography

Publication Date: July 26, 2016

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Everyone in America thought they knew Donald Trump: the real estate magnate, reality TV star and bigger than life personality lived his life in the tabloids. Little did they know – though he hinted at it repeatedly – that he planned to take American politics by storm. This graphic biography explores the little-known episodes that helped form the man who shocked the U.S. media by launching the hostile takeover of the Republican Party, and whose wild political agenda could subvert representative democracy for years to come.

Current Events/Biography, 2016
Seven Stories Press Paperback, 5″x7″, 192 pp., $16.95

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  • Trump? Seriously?

    Oh, wait, it says ” whose wild political agenda could subvert representative democracy for years to come.” I see – it’s science fiction, set in an alternative universe where we still have a representative democracy left to subvert.

    Carry on.

    • Thanks for the lol

      • You’re welcome.

        I take it you believe we do still have a representative democracy? Moreover, you believe that a billionaire con man represents the very people he considers to be losers?

        Personally, I believe that P. T. Barnum underestimated the birthrate of suckers by several orders of magnitude.

      • I’m sincerely laughing with you at the idea we have representation to destroy…

      • Welcome to the Dark Side.

  • Somehow it makes perfect sense that a biography of the guy should be graphic – in every sense of the word…

  • Secretary Clinton has the election iced (barring some unlikely catastrophe). Bill somehow convinced most African-Americans that he was the best thing that ever happened to them (but they still preferred an actual African-American to Hillary, but there isn’t one running this time). Bill and Obama are both great politicians, meaning they’re very good at convincing people to vote for them, even though anyone who looked at their first term saw little progress (but the Clintonbot economic analysts convinced a majority of the voters that things were never better than under Clinton). Obama deported more Hispanics his first term than any other president deported in a single term, but 70% of Hispanics voted for him, since he convinced them that it was the Republicans who were responsible for all the deportations.

    Bill sat out the ’08 election so Hillary would be seen to have won all on her own, and would have been the First Woman President (unlike Ma Ferguson, who was the First* Woman Governor of Texas, because many voters figured that voting for her was a way to put Pa back in the governor’s mansion).

    Hillary is no politician, so Bill is doing all the hard work to make sure she gets a huge majority of the African-American, Hispanic, and female vote.

    White males will mostly vote for Trump, but there aren’t that many of them.

    Trump is a cipher. Since he contradicts himself about everything, often in the same sentence, there is no way to know what he’ll do.

    As opposed to President Clinton, who is very proud that she supported Bush, jr, in the turning of Iraq from an impoverished, violence-stricken tyranny into a peaceful and prosperous democracy. And she pushed as hard as she had to and convinced Obama to do the same for Libya. But Obama wouldn’t do that for Syria without the UK tagging along, and the Parliament put the kibosh on that in August ’13.

    So she’ll remove the evil Syrian regime before summer ’17, and make Syria a democracy that’s just as peaceful and prosperous as Iraq and Libya.

    Putin has said he’ll defend the legitimate government of Syria, but President Clinton has to show she is tougher than Obama. Or the Bushes. Or Bill. Or Harry.

    So Putin had better meekly back down when Hillary sends the US military to liberate Syria from its evil dictator.

    And we’re all dying to see if Putin will meekly back down about Syria and the Crimea and the Ukraine.

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