Someday They’ll Pay Attention To My Cartoons About Police Brutality

This is one topic I’d really like to be able to retire: police brutality, racism and the viciousness of the system against the downtrodden. Here’s a selection of some of my “favorite” cartoons over the years about the po-po.

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  • I noticed two or three drawn when Clinton was president, a time all Clintonbots remember as halcyon.

  • Webmaster – Can you fix this so that the scrolling is NOT automatic and the viewer has time to read one cartoon before the next one comes? This sucks!

    • Just park your mouse on one of the bubbles underneath the cartoons after clicking it.

  • ooooh! Bomb the bomb makers. Nice visuals. I’d score it to the Animals’ cover of “Boom Boom” like in the Bond film Skyfail. [sic]