Death of cartoonists in Paris draws out passionate defense of free expression

Death of cartoonists in Paris draws out passionate defense of free expression
PBS NewsHour
January 8, 2015

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  • Modern wars kill 90% civilians and 10% soldiers.

    Normal war has become terrorism. Soft targets are the choice of highly armed and armored militaries because modern militaries are unable to confront each other without very short term devastation of one or both.

    Terrorism has now become the norm of war. Disarmed populations are the soft targets of choice. Expect disarmed vocal proponents of hate and violence to be the soft targets of choice under this norm of war.
    States have always started wars that bring their populations under the control of war discipline. Their populations have always accepted to a large degree the necessity of this imposed discipline for their survival, independent of being right or wrong, in these state initiated wars.

    Military attacks on soft targets have become the norm. The age of large military confrontations with each other on open battlefields is largely in a state of suspension. The army of Iraq was dispersed in days. The weapon systems now available prevent military versus military confrontations as being viable options for war. So 90% of war dead will continue to be civilian.

    The Nuremberg trials after World War II allowed the use of certain tactics if they could be demonstrated to have been used by the Allies. The use of drone attacks on civilians moves these killings into the category of being legal, if only de facto, at present.

    If you find terrorism to be unacceptable, demand of your governments that they stop targeting civilians.

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