Thursday’s Radio Interviews

I’m doing three interviews today. The first is a radio interview at 11:00 am Eastern time for a full hour on
WCEM “Straight Talk”, Cambridge MD. The host is
former Cambridge mayor Cleveland “Rip” Rippons.

The second is a Skype video interview with the The David Pakman Show. Time is 3:30-3:50 pm Eastern.

The third is with John and Ken on KFI Radio Los Angeles. Currently scheduled for 4 pm Pacific time.

All to discuss “The Anti-American Manifesto.”

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3 thoughts on “Thursday’s Radio Interviews

  1. Loved the KFI interview. I am so happy my conservative friends and family received that dose of reality. I am very happy. John and Ken are a perfect example of how libertarians and leftists can kill the monopolists, and then kill eachother.