Afghan Blog #4

Matt and Steven leave tomorrow to join Ted in Dubai. Good luck and safe travels (and return) to all of you!

A note about the color: Since the scenery will be a lot of tans and light browns, I’ve chosen a contrasting pale green as the color for captions throughout the project (there won’t be much other green in the images to visually compete). On the maps, I’m using a color that is intended to evoke old parchment. I use a muted blue for boxed map info, again because there won’t be much blue on the maps to compete (since Afghanistan is a landlocked country), so the boxes will stand out.

Bright, saturated colors would seem both inappropriate for the seriousness of the content, and too intense and overwhelming for the line that Ted is using (thinner and looser than he usually uses in his editorial cartoons). So I’m using a palette that is soft and earthy.



  • Stephanie: so are all of Ted’s toons from Afghanistan coming in black & white, and you add color to them?

  • Yes, that’s right. Because he’s using a satellite phone that’s slow and of limited connectivity, he needs to make the files as small as possible. Color would make them too big.

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