Faith-based Candidates
posted by TheDon
I could really give a damn, as it were, about the religious predilection of public office candidates. I’m a person of non-theistic sensibilities (or atheist, for the rigorously categorizing types). I do, however, watch the race to faithfulness with fascination, given the apocalyptic consequences of the last time this happened. Jesus tells W to kill more brown infidels, and he graciously bombs them with glee. If they have broken the 6th commandment, he joyfully breaks it to avenge the sin. I get that. It scares me, but I do get the appeal to the low-brow, mouth-breathing, faith-based follower.
What makes me laugh the most is the reaction of the “religious right” to the intrusion on their turf. They assumed a perpetual monopoly on appealing to “faith”.

Tucker Carlson, famous for being the scion of Richard W. Carlson, said on his eponymous show, “As long as you have someone like Howard Dean, whose favorite New Testament book is Job, who’s a drooling moron when it comes to religion, clearly hostile to religion, at the helm of the party, you’re not gonna make inroads, are you?”.

Allow me to re-phrase that, please. As long as you have George W Bush, a drooling moron, who executes retarded children and bombs civilians indiscriminately at the helm of the party, you’re not gonna hold onto people with morals, are you?”.

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  • Tucker Carlson is living proof of the fact that just because you stop wearing a bow tie, you don't stop being an idiot.