Women’s Bodies, Corporate Property

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that corporations may be guided by their religious beliefs in determining which types of contraception, if any, women employees may be covered for under their work-provided insurance. They may also decide whether to pay for abortions if and when those forms of contraception fail.

7 thoughts on “Women’s Bodies, Corporate Property

  1. Is it just me, or is the Supreme Court making more and more bonehead decisions over time? No one can get it right every single time, but the court seems to be fucking up on really clear issues.

  2. “Dear laboring cog:

    By recent ruling of SCOTUS (Supreme Court of Taliban United States), this corporation hereby reduces your wages by 33%, it having determined, by analysis of your internet viewing/shopping record that, this proportion of your pay is spent on products/activities the corporate godhead finds morally unsupportable.

    Remember, services for worship of our dear CEO are held every morning during what used to be your break. Report to the worship screen nearest your leg-shackle attachment point at 10:30 am each morning.

    Have a Christ-filled day!!!”

  3. For a corporation to have religious rights, ought not it first be proven that a corporation with person-hood has a soul? Is it possible to have a religion if you have no soul?

    And that its prospects of going to heaven will be compromised by actions it is compelled to take under law?

    And if it is owned by another person, is it not a slave to be freed from its illegitimate owner?

    And if it is unable to speak on its own behalf, like a wealthy infant, should not its guardian be accountable to some authority to guard unjust enrichment of its caretaker?

    There are many religions that profess all other religions are not true. How do we know that the human speaking on behalf of the corporation can know the mind of the corporation and, furthermore, is not lying just to further some unstated agenda of his own?

    What does it profit a corporate person if it gains the world but loses its soul (if it ever had one)?

  4. Seems to me there’s some sort of correlation between the use of birth control and the need for an abortion. Wait a minute, it’ll come to me…

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