The Good News is Obamacare is Probably OK. The Bad News…

Good news is that if you would like on health insurance through Obamacare, the affordable care act is probably safer now. That’s because of the bad news: Congress is divided between people on the far right and the even further right.

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  1. Apparently Herr Hair has threatened to primary those congressassholes of his party who refuse to vote for the Ryan bill to trash the ACA.

    Like Obumma before him, who tried to convince us that there were “moderate terrorists” we could trust, Herr Hair apparently thinks, perhaps (tragically) correctly, that a sizable fraction of the populace will accept/embrace the notion of “moderate fascists” in congress.

  2. There was a time when wealthy people depended on horses to increase their productivity and wealth. Horses today are of less use to the wealthy in accumulation of wealth, and so there are now, by design, far fewer horses.

    There was a time when wealthy people depended on wage labor to increase their profits and wealth. Wage labor is of less use today to accumulate wealth for the wealthy, and so those who are of less utility in the project of wealth accumulation for the wealthy will have their population reduced, just as did horses.

    First steps toward reducing excess domestic population are eliminating the cost of health care borne by the wealthy at the expense of profit and eliminating education for jobs that do not create more wealth for the wealthy and ending conservation of clean air and water for those not needed for the wealth accumulation of the wealthy. This will result in lower populations of people who do no service for the accumulation of wealth for the wealthy.

    The use of wars by the wealthy to reduce and discipline excess domestic population has declined since nuclear weapons have located the wealthy on the front lines of nuclear war. The decline of the use of war to reduce domestic population will of necessity be replaced by direct state action against superfluous populations if the reductions in the standard of living does not accomplish this goal first.

    The project of wealth accumulation by the Power Elite now needs more of us dead than alive.

    Have a nice day!

    • Well, there’s always the backup plan too. It’s called Genocide-by-Vaccination. Now? Several states are making it mandatory to keep up with all the vaccines that the government wants the population to poison themselves with, especially the young.

      Ever see read the novel “Childhood’s End?” The devil is the vaccine industry. After they’ve pumped the children full of (not-always-so) latent poisons, then they can “clean-slate” a territory anytime they want by simply administering the catalyst via the water. Why do you think that access to water is being so severely bottle-necked by corporate globalism?

      Kill off the old crew, and then engineer yourself a more compliant brand of servant-class.


      • All of which makes me so damned glad I moved to Mexico over 10 years ago.

        Hell, the cartels aren’t as dangerous as the secret assassins in the United States! They don’t bother my wife and me, because we don’t do drugs and don’t get involved in their traffic.


      • I should have added:

        We’re permanent residents and well-loved by our neighbors, who’ve told us they watch out for us.


      • The first smallpox vaccination was May 14, 1796, but people refused to have their children vaccinated because they were afraid that the vaccine would turn their children into cows.

        Isn’t that silly?

        So, Dan, if you get Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Chickenpox from some un-vaccinated kid that will be okay by you? If your kid to dies from a disease that he could have easily avoided, would that be okay too?

        If a bunch of silly adult anti-vaxxers want to kill themselves, I guess I have no objections – it is a nominally free country after all. All I ask is that they not step out in public without their bubble boy suits.

        Besides, everyone knows that the real gubbmint mind-control drug is fluoride in the drinking water.

      • BTW – the antagonists in Childhood’s End are the Alien Overlords. (but don’t let me stop you from worrying about them, either)

      • @derlehrer

        Morris Berman, author of “Why America Failed”, the third and most engaging volume of [his] trilogy on the decline of the American empire” (so goes the blurb) moved to Mexico at about the same time you did.

        And he says the same things about Mexico that you did right here and now.

        I also heard about Americans doing “medical tourism” in Mexico, and the high quality of health care there being a very affordable alternative to the big rip-offs north of the border.

      • @ Glenn –

        My wife and I laugh every time one of our North-of-the-Border friends or family ask: “Aren’t you afraid? Don’t you feel threatened by the cartels?”
        The only people who need to feel threatened and afraid are the people who deal directly with drug trafficking.
        As far as medical concerns, we are enrolled in “Seguro Popular” as a precaution, but we don’t do yearly check-ups or such. Think about it. The medical profession (in the U.S.) wants those check-ups in order to find something “wrong” and write prescriptions, order tests, etc. — so that they earn more money.
        Recently, my wife did suffer from a kidney infection that had to be treated, and we went to a private clinic for treatment — and paid out-of-pocket. Nevertheless, it was far less expensive than insurance NoB with insurance premiums, deductibles, and co-pays.
        We’re satisfied with our circumstances.

      • CH;

        I’m not talking about those vaccines produced even in circa 1953. I’m focusing on the modern vaccine industry, with its great excess of poisonous heavy-metal additives. You really should educate yourself about the true dangers of these weapons-of-medical-destruction. Seriously debilitating “side-effects” are much more common than allowed to be advertised.

        So yeah, okay CH. You’re completely alright with trusting the trans-national corporate medicine man to not inject you with ancillary chemicals that in — say ten years — could make you a very lucrative outpatient for other treatments that the vaccine man wants you to be treated for, and he has just the (patented) chemical you need.


      • And by the way, the antagonists in Childhood’s End looked just like a whole grand species of Satan. They then took all of Earth’s children and basically, let their omnipotent master eat them.


      • > Childhood’s End … The devil is the vaccine industry.

        > And by the way, the antagonists in Childhood’s End looked just like a whole grand species of Satan.

        Satan is a pharmacist?

      • To DanD;
        You ask: “Why do you think that access to water is being so severely bottle-necked by corporate globalism?”

        It’s certainly not as a means to administer alleged dread vaccines. That would require so much alleged dread vaccine as to NOT be cost effective.

        No, corporate globalism, although it apparently can’t grok the essential importance of the environment, in general, it does, in fact, recognize the importance of water to the sustenance of life as we know it.

        This makes it a cash cow if it can be sequestered/monopolized. And I am NOT suggesting that global corporatism has any intention to supply clean water but ONLY the impression of clean (i.e. very expensive) water. It will be portrayed as the only apparent alternative to the rest of the water that has been contaminated by global corporatism’s very own, previous excellent profit-seeking ventures.

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