Which West Coast City Should Be Nuked?

North Korea now has the ability to strike the western United States with an intercontinental ballistic missile. It’s hard to know with the leader of the hermit kingdom is thinking, but the odds are, it’s probably not that important which West Coast city the United States loses to a North Korean missile attack. So if we can have a little input, it would be really awesome if we could offer some suggestions.

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5 thoughts on “Which West Coast City Should Be Nuked?

  1. You forget San Diego, Ted. It has a Naval Air Station (North Island) that repairs jets, a Marine Air Base in Miramar where Top Gun was filmed (when it was Navy), a submarine base in La Jolla, and a USMC base that separates San Diego County from Los Angeles. Nuke San Diego and “the incident” get even more international because of Tijuana which is ten feet south of San Diego; the fireball WILL engulf the Avenida Revolucion and all the fake Rolex sellers, serape/rug merchants, and all the decent restaurants.

    • Damn. I was going to vote for San Diego, but you bring up a good point: Tijuana is “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

      Can’t do LA ‘cuz Dizzyland is “The Second Happiest Place on Earth”

      Can’t do Portland, Eugene, or SF – I’m pretty sure I attended a lot of Dead shows in those places.

      How about Sacramento? Nobody actually likes Sac & they’re pretty close to the coast …

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