Dems Who Forget Hillary Are Doomed to Repeat Her

Kamala Harris is positioning herself as a progressive prosecutor, whatever that is. But the former California attorney general’s record reveals that she’s actually tougher on innocent people than she is on crime, and that she’s never meant a reform she didn’t hate.

7 thoughts on “Dems Who Forget Hillary Are Doomed to Repeat Her

  1. “Dems who forget Hillary are doomed to repeat her.”

    That could be a Mad Lib.

    _(Party)_ who forget _(Politician)_ are doomed to repeat _(Pronoun)_

    Dem / GOP / Nazi

    Nixon / Reagan / Obama / Hillary

    him / her / indeterminate

  2. Ted,

    This is one of your very best. In 50 words (anti-reform is one word) you’ve displayed the hypocrisy of the current democratic party leadership. I realize you have a relatively small audience, but I find a tremendous amount of value in what you have to contribute to the discussion.

    Anyway, that’s all the fawning kiss-uppery I’m doing today. Now I’ve gotta go hang around the subway stairs and push old people down them. …

  3. Ms Harris was the CA State AG when that office not only refrained from prosecuting a CA bank involved on illegal foreclosure but also “declined to file a civil enforcement action against the bank” That it, did nothing to stop the practice.

    This contemporaneous forging of an artefact of her AG legacy, identical to one of the major “achievements” among the truly hideous Obumma “legacy,” incontrovertibly qualifies her to be the Democratic presidential nominee.

    The head of the bank is now His Hairness’s Secretary of the Treasury, Mnuchin. No not a munchin but a reprehensible, if all-too-typical capitalist, creature found deep in the slime remaining after the swamp was drained.

    He was CEO of West One bank and “prosecutors at the California attorney general’s office … found over a thousand violations of foreclosure laws by his bank during” his tenure … “and predicted that further investigation would uncover many thousands more.”

    One concession: Mnuchin is not Henry Kissinger. But Ms Harris has lots of time to rally support, I’m sure she learns fast and will find out whether Harris is the favored nominee of HRC if the “American Voldemort I” gives his endorsement. (Assuming HRC does not run herself – which I, at least, will not rule out at this point.)

    The following link will fill out the issue: LINK

    The quote fragments above are from a “The Intercept” article of 5Jan2017 that should turn up in the search at above link.

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