Just Because George H.W. Bush Is Dead Doesn’t Mean We Should Forget He Was a Monster

The 41st president is dead and the usual hagiography and crime-scrubbing is upon us. But millions of victims demand justice, or at least remembrance. Bush was a monster and a prick. We should never forget that.

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11 thoughts on “Just Because George H.W. Bush Is Dead Doesn’t Mean We Should Forget He Was a Monster

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    My bet is the missing word ‘dead’ in the original post, it’s messing up the URL…

    • I put two URLs in the original. It’s being moderated. And speaking of moderation, I wonder if now, that Poppy and Bar are gone, people are gonna start publishing the real dirt on Dubya and all the neocons.

      • That’s rather odd – I managed to respond to one even though it’s unvisible. It’s obviously lost in the aetherwebz. (cue Twilight Zone theme)

  2. Listen how the fake news floats their canards (leurres de canard en bois, wooden duck decoys) about how George H.W. Bush was so much better than Trump is.

    The American people will flock to the decoys, and soon the pond will be full of real live quacking ducks, who will be tearfully celebrating the virtues of H.W. Bush.

    George H.W. Bush pardoned Casper Weinberger right before special prosecutor Walsh could have forced Bush’s testimony under oath for his complicity in the Iran Contra crimes (George H.W. Bush thereby effectively pardoning himself).

    Some day the American People will hold up Trump as a man exemplifying a Golden Age of principled leadership, just as George H.W. will be today.

    Then Americans will wonder how things could have fallen so far in so few years, but will never examine their own gullibility as a contributing factor.

    Quack! Quack! The American People are destined to be in the Duck Soup.

  3. I … Remember when words had meaning ?

    That must have been a very long time ago, Ted ; in the terms often attributed to Talleyrand, but quite familiar in, e g, ancient Greece, la parole a été donné à l’homme pour déguiser sa pensée….


  4. Bush:

    Negotiated Nafta, which sold out the American worker.

    Signed the 1990 Immigration Act, bringing cheap labor from the third world into the United States.

    Proclaimed a “New World Order” that ushered in globalism.

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