Hey Democrats, How Did Blocking Bernie Work Out For You Last Time

In 2016 the corporate-controlled Democratic National Committee decided to pull out all the stops to prevent insurgent candidate Bernie Sanders from taking away the nomination from their preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton. That decision contributed to the surprise victory by Donald Trump because many of Sanders’ supporters decided not to come to the polls in November. Now it looks like corporate Democrats are repeating the same exact mistake.

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  1. PS : Somehow I doubt that Molly Ivins, who was still a child when it went down, but who nonetheless, unlike our stupid foul-mouthed troll, knew something about McCarthyism, would have jumped on the McCarthyism 2.0 bandwagon and blamed those dastardly Russians for the dire state of affairs obtaining in the US or, for that matter, the outcome of that country’s presidential election of 2016….

    As for

    It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it !

    it comes in that form from excerpts from Upton Beall Sinclair’s then upcoming book I, Candidate for Governor, and How I Got Licked, published in some California newspapers in 1934, i e, some 10 years before Ms Ivins was born. But one can’t expect ignorant, foul-mouthed trolls to be aware of that fact – facts are not really their forte…. 😉


  2. So? I’ve been given to understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to influence an election outside of normal channels …

    Remedial reminder for those with learning difficulties: arachnophobia will not make spiders bite you; coulrophobia will not make clowns eat you; and russophobia will not make Russians hack your election.

    If anything, those events would show that the phobic was *right* to be afraid, even as those of us who merely pointed our fingers were pointing them in the right direction all along.

  3. The dems–and a lot of other people–don’t get it. It’s really a flowchart kind of thing.
    1. The majority of Americans want Medicare for All, free college, $15 an hour.
    2. Who pushed for those for his or her entire career? Bernie Sanders. And now, suddenly a whole batch of candidates have gotten religion.
    3. The economic situation is a lot more dire than the policy wonks want to admit. A staggering number of older Americans have NOTHING set aside for retirement. Employers lay off people for no other reason than they’re making too much money. Young people have few career opportunities. Home ownership is mathematically impossible. A mortgage on my salary? Are you high?

    You can trick people on a lot of things. But when someone takes the walk of shame out the door of the office with a banker’s box full of office crap, and then can’t find another job for months or even years, a lot of scales fall from the eyes. A lot of us have seen the trick–and are smacking ourselves on the forehead for failing to see such an obvious scam–and we now grok a very important thing:

    This is the last chance most of us have for a soft landing. If the 1% beat Sanders, no other candidate will ever build up a sufficiently outraged coalition of voters from across the political spectrum. (“Sanders lost. So I’m gonna vote for the lesser of two evils.”)

    It is UNPOSSIBLE to get Bernie Sanders supporters to vote for any of these other candidates for all the reasons I just outlined. And, just like in 2016, a lot of those supporters will sit back and watch the world burn before they back a Kamala Harris or a Joe Biden. Because we’ve seen the gimmick, and our patch of the world is already burning. The dnc needs to understand that. Or maybe it does already.

  4. In truth, no matter what they say, no matter their blind trust in Party, the wealthy of the Party would rather have Donald Trump than Bernie Sanders! (Follow the MONEY!)

  5. Unternehmen Barbarossa 2.0 ? Why not, Ted ; you’ve already got a successful (Cui bono ?) Operation McCarthy 2.0 rolling out on the national scene. ?..,


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