Democrats Will Fix It

Donald Trump is pushing through radical right policies, including a tax revamp and a crackdown against immigrants. But Democrats could reverse all that if and when they retake power. So everything will be just fine. Right?

9 thoughts on “Democrats Will Fix It

  1. The lady’s left-handed, even in a literal sense ?… 😉

    I fear that the US left (not the bomb-em liberals, who have loved the ride) that expected the corporate Democrats to ideal with, e g, the burgeoning inequality in that country and its interminable wars of aggression abroad all took that way out long ago….


    • ideal with → deal with

      Ted, how about an editing tool, restricted, say, to the first 10 minutes after the post in question has been published à la Er Reg or the WaPo, so that irritating typos can be removed, while hindering most attempts at rewriting history ? Or a preview function, as in, e g, the Guardian ?…


      • Ted, I can, of course, edit my posts prior to sending them, but I haven’t been able to find either a preview function, which allows me to see how a post will look on the site (and correct any errors I might find before posting), or a function – with or without a time limit – which allows me to correct errors which I discover only after posting….

        Is this something I’ve missed, in which case I (and I’m sure, others as well) should be grateful if you could point out to how one can engage this/these function/s or is it so, as I suspect, that your site does not provide them ?…


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