Bombs? Or More Bombs?

Have you ever noticed that, when there’s some crisis overseas, the debate on American media takes place between those who want to use bombs, and those who want to use bigger bombs? Never is it seriously considered that we should not get involved.

7 thoughts on “Bombs? Or More Bombs?

  1. But, Ted, isn’t it obvious that – if bombs are good (and bombs are always good !), – then more bombs are better ? More profits for the manufacturers, more prestige and power for the military – what’s not to like ?…


  2. I finished “After we kill you” yesterday in one sitting (Thanks, Ted)

    I was struck by one comparison – we’ve spent $229 billion blowing Afghanistan to hell and back. But according to the World Bank, we could have rebuilt Afghanistan for a mere $18 billion.

    Hmmm, lifelong friends for $18B, or sworn enemies for $229B. What am I missing here?

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