Best System Ever

After President Trump defended white nationalists who rioted in Charlottesville, Americans marveled at the lack of accountability. The White House staff was unable to muzzle an out-of-control president. Republican legislators refused to distance themselves, much less criticize him. The media seemed to be spinning uselessly, and showed no signs of a willingness to follow up. As for us, what are we supposed to do, attend another useless rally?

6 thoughts on “Best System Ever

  1. I recall him calling out everyone involved over and over again, I was there, that is what he did.

    This comic seems to be written by someone who heard all of this information via rumors.

    • I see. So Mr Trump was either referencing Mercutio or Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Since you were there, «Tevo77777» perhaps you can tell us which it was ?…


  2. Obama wouldn’t speak out against the neo-Nazis in post-US-coup Kiev.

    Trump won’t speak out against domestic Nazis(“Homeland” is such a Nazi construct. How about tearing that down with the statues?).

    Dumb and Dumber, or Right and Righter?

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