The Siren Song of the Moderate Democrat

Moderate and centrist liberals and Democrats offer watered-down solutions to serious problems. Why should anyone vote for them?

5 thoughts on “The Siren Song of the Moderate Democrat

  1. The direct cash bribe is not the thing; the FBI has busted several congressmen on both sides that cut corners.
    The indirect bribe is the deal, stick around D.C. or the state house long enough and you will be appointed to important committees and make connections to power. Leave and consulting and other well paid positions will open up for you and your family. Wait as long as the law requires and you can become a high paid corporate lobbyist. Reach the to, book deals with big advances and foundations and boards of directors might offer you a well-paid gig that involves very little work.

    To get there all you have to do is play along with the party leadership, make speeches people want to hear but don’t seriously fight for bills the common people want. Stick with party leaders and their sucking up to major donors or they will sabotage your political career (true for R’s or D’s). No party campaign funds, maybe they will trot out a primary challenger and the local party won’t knock on doors or make calls. If you get elected the party will see to it that you get on the worst committees and hit you harder hard next election.

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